Technique Talk: Meet Scott Fernandis

We take a spin around the dance floor this week with Scot Fernandis from the Dance Cats.

Let’s get to know Scott and find out more about the Dance Cats and Dancesport.

How did you become involved with the Dance Cats?

“I started with Dance Cats with a lesbian friend of mine in 2008. Prior to this we did a beginner Latin dancing course at a straight studio. This club had strict male lead/female follow roles which we endeavoured to follow without much success. As it turned out I was the more graceful twirler then my friend and she could butch up the lead more convincingly then I could. That’s when we discovered Dance Cats that allowed guys and girls to choose their role and allowed us the flexibility of switching roles whenever we wanted to as well.

What is your personal aim this season?

“My dance partner and I are gearing up for the Australian Same Sex Dancesport Championships at the end of January. Held at St Kilda Town Hall, this event is one the most biggest and glamourous events on the Dancesport calendar. We are looking to competing in the Graded New Vogue events so you will be treated to top hats, tails and handsome bow ties. We are hoping to waltz our way to gold!”

What is your favourite position on the floor?

“In dancing you can choose to lead or follow. Some talented or confused dancers can do both and this is called being ‘ambi-dance-tress’ My preference is to Follow because the Leader has to set the pace, keep time and know the routine. My job is to follow the lead and look fabulous.”

What training drill do you dread the most?

“As there is a competition just around the corner our dancing drills are more focused on technique and posture now. This can be challenging as a lot of the time you are used to dancing loosely and socially where you can really dance like nobody’s watching. With competition everybody is watching and usually with a clipboard!”


What has been your biggest achievement with the Dance Cats?

“My biggest achievement with the club is that I still very much enjoy learning new dances each week and interacting with people in the club. Competition wise my biggest achievement was winning the Novice Graded Latin dancing event dressed in a waistcoat lined with gold coloured sequins.

Why would you suggest people get involved with the Dance Cats?

“If you love music, movement and having a laugh then you will enjoying dancing with Dance Cats. The routines are fun to learn, the teachers are friendly and skilled and dances are usually to modern and well recognised tunes.

If you would like more information on the Dance Cats you can contact them from their Team Melbourne club page.

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