Technique Talk: Meet Kevin Lam

Let’s get to know Kevin Lam from the Melbourne Spikers Volleyball Club.

With over 15 years of Volleyball under his belt, Kevin is a seasoned player who has competed in volleyball tournaments both locally and interstate.

How did you become involved with the Spikers?

“I started playing volleyball since 12 years old back in Hong Kong and it has been my passion ever since. Moved to Sydney at the age of 16 and discovered Freezone volleyball club in Sydney. I had to give up playing in year 2000, aged 25, for 10 years due to the irregularity of shift work hours.

In year 2010 I moved to Daylesford in Victoria and discovered Daylesford Volleyball Association. I was able to play as working hours became regular. Since then I have been involved in the Daylesford Volleyball Association committee and coach volleyball in local primary school.

Daylesford Volleyball Association certainly brought my childhood passion back to life. After two years I was ready to be challenged further and decided to join Melbourne Spikers in year 2012.

It was on and off for first two years due to distance from home to club, made a decision of moving back to the city back in 2014 and have been attending the club religiously ever since.”

What is your personal aim this season?

“I would like to challenge myself back to A level and play tournaments in more competitive levels. Coach and challenge my team further and be more competitive. Make effect in welcoming new players.”

What is your favourite position on the court?

“I don’t have a best position as such, I would like to consider myself as an all rounder. However my favourite position would be middle spiker as it offers many combinations of attack moves and requires speed.”

What training drill do you dread the most?

“Definitely the diving drill. You need to run then glide through the floor to save a ball far away from yourself. It requires good momentum of speed and good level of accuracy to save and dig the ball back up high at the same time. However if you manage to save the ball it is extremely satisfying.”

Do you have a nickname on the team?

“My nickname is Mama. Maybe because of my age, 40, I feel I have a duty to look after the younger players. My nature is to make people feel welcome and included, especially the new members. The nickname started off as a joke but it became a permanent nickname and I must say I do like it. It’s funny and true at the same time. I even have it on my uniforms, ‘Mama Lam'”

What has been your biggest achievement with the Spikers?

“My biggest achievement would be forming a team with players having different skill levels and bring them together and improve as a team. We manage to win a bronze medal in Sydney tournament early this year, it was a great achievement considering it was the first time our new team played together on competition level.

On the personal level, I have formed many wonderful friendships throughout the years and we do many regular events together.”

Why would you suggest people get involved with the Spikers?

“There are many good reasons to join the club. Melbourne Spikers offers trainings that will improve your skills and you will find people from all walks of life. You bound to find other members to socialise or form new teams with. There are many club social events throughout the year. The club is centrally located and there are many venues nearby for post training gatherings.

If you would like more information on the Melbourne Spikers you can contact them from their Team Melbourne club page.

For more stories like Kevin’s check out the Team Melbourne news feed and feel the passion members have for their clubs and teams.


Photos: Dean Arcuri
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