Technique Talk: Meet Finn Augustin

Let’s get to know Finn Augustin from VicTennis, one of the longest standing gay and lesbian sporting associations in Victoria.

How did you become involved with the VicTennis?

“Became involved with VicTennis around 2010 or 2011. In my youth, I had first picked up the tennis racquet at age 12, and continued to play regularly until I finished my university studies when I abruptly stopped playing. Resumed playing albeit very sporadically in 2010 with some work colleagues, and it was around that time I started attending a few sessions at VicTennis’ social tennis at Malvern Tennis Centre. Finally, I started participating in VicTennis’ Monday night doubles competition in 2013.”

What is your personal aim this season?

“To compete in and follow through the singles event at the Peter Deacon tournament in Sydney this September (I actually played and won my only competitive singles match at the AGLO tournament in January but had to forfeit in the next round). Playing singles is more physical than doubles, and since my ‘comeback’ three years ago, I haven’t challenged myself in singles yet and have really only competed in doubles. I feel optimistic because my fitness level is better now, my knee held up alright last season and I played one match in January!”

What is your favourite on court strategy?

“It would be easier said than done to land a high percentage of first serves during a tennis match. However, it is a ‘strategy’ that is highly underrated.

TIP: Practise serving 100 balls in order to develop a fluent service action and ball toss. Two benefits of a smooth, easy service action are that it will actually result in more first serves landing in and also, decrease level of fatigue during match, especially a long one. In turn, less fatigue translates to better form on all the other player’s strokes as well.

What training drill do you dread the most?

“In my younger days, I really enjoyed tennis court drills as this helped me to win lots of matches. There was not one drill that I dreaded as such, and for anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their game, I would say exactly that. However, nowadays my focus is more on the enjoyment of the game – competing for the joy of it rather than on competing to win, so I don’t do ‘proper’ drills anymore”

What has been your biggest achievement with the VicTennis?

“Being a team member of ‘Volleywood Stars’ (2015 Summer A Grade Champions) and proud of all my teammates.”

Why would you suggest people get involved with the VicTennis?

“Enjoy your sport in a safe, friendly setting in sporting venues that are LGBTI-affirming. I have found members by and large approachable, respectful and non-judgemental. Play at your own level and at your own pace.

The VicTennis committee is able to support the needs of all its members, including newcomers and beginners to the sport with coaching and/or loan of equipment.

Sundays are for social play and a good starting point for a newcomer, whereas Mondays are more for those with appetite for competition. Non-tennis events such as dinners and other outings are held regularly throughout the year, as well.


If you would like more information on VicTennis you can contact them from their Team Melbourne club page.

For more stories like Finn’s check out the Team Melbourne news feed and feel the passion members have for their clubs and teams.

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