Technique Talk: Meet David Latour

This week I sat down with Dave Latour from the Melbourne Chargers Rugby Club.

Dave’s an involved, intelligent, focused young player who has been playing with the Chargers for the past three years. Competing with the club in local, national and international events such as the Purchase Cup and the Bingham Cup.

How did you become involved with the Chargers?

“I first saw the Chargers at Midsumma trying to recruit new players. Curious about having a go, I then went to one of their Sunday Social pub nites and got talking to some of the guys. They were very welcoming, so from there I tried out at rugby 101 and have not looked back.”

What is your personal aim this season?

“My aim for this season is to head to New Zealand in September and have our boys take home some silverware. We will be playing in the Purchase Cup, which is a tournament between inclusive Australian and New Zealand teams played each year.”

What is your favourite position on the field?

“I have been playing at number 10 (fly half) for the last two years. It is definitely where I feel most comfortable. It is a bit of a pressure position, as I need to direct the entire back line and am involved in nearly every second of the game. But I feel like it has taught me skills and game knowledge I couldn’t have grasped elsewhere.”

What training drill do you dread the most?

“We do about 20 minutes of fitness at the start of every training session – nothing is worse than having to do push ups and sit ups in cold mud.”

Do you have a nickname on the team?

“Darko. This is just a name I put up years ago on Facebook for work reasons and it has just stuck. Half the guys probably don’t even know my real surname, well at least until they read this.”

What has been your biggest achievement with the Chargers?

“My biggest achievement was definitely playing in the Bingham Cup in 2014, and wrapping up the season with two awards. I won best backs player, and highest points scorer. I did not expect to win anything ever! However it has made me more committed to keep coming back week after week and giving my everything for my teammates.”

Why would you suggest people get involved with the Chargers?

“People should join us because we are not just a rugby club… We are a team, we are a social group and we are definitely a family.
We get the opportunity to play in a hyper masculine sport and we are not just welcomed, but we are openly supported by our competitors.
We are sponsored by great sectors of our community in both sport and business, they support us because they believe in what we represent.
Most importantly, people should join us because we will welcome anybody with open arms – rugby is a sport for everyone.”

If you would like more information on the Melbourne Chargers you can contact them from their Team Melbourne club page.

For more stories like Dave’s check out the Team Melbourne news feed and feel the passion members have for their clubs and teams.

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