Technique Talk: Meet Alice Murray

This week I met with Alice Murray from the Melbourne Frontrunners.

How did you become involved with the Frontrunners?

“I joined about eight years ago, I was looking to make new friends and I was running occasionally by myself. Since joining the club I’ve been running regularly and entering five or six events a year.”

What is your personal aim this season?

“No particular aim, just to keep running similar times as I get older and to stay consistent. I will probably do a sprint triathlon over the summer.”

What is your favourite event to run?

“My favourite event to run in is the half marathon. The distance gives you a good sense of achievement but you don’t need to give up as much of your life.”


What training drill do you dread the most?

“I hate speed work, but it makes a difference when you do it regularly.”


What has been your biggest achievement with the Frontrunners?

“2013 Outgames in Darwin, I won the 400m, 800m and 1500m track events and got bronze in the 10km road race.”

Why would you suggest people get involved with the Frontrunners?

“Frontrunners are a friendly, inclusive group of people who encourage you to stay fit and have fun. I enjoy the social side as much as the running.”


If you would like more information on the Melbourne Frontrunners you can contact them from their Team Melbourne club page.

For more stories like Alice’s check out the Team Melbourne news feed and feel the passion members have for their clubs and teams.

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