About Team Sydney

Team Sydney Incorporated is a not-for-profit community body staffed by volunteers. It promotes sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles among Sydney’s inclusive community. They help connect and promote over thirty member organisations, representing over 2,000 individual sportspeople.

Team Sydney’s

Team Sydney upholds the need for sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles within our diverse community.

Team Sydney encourages and promotes sporting activities primarily in Sydney but also in the wider community and, when appropriate, coordinates events associated with this ideal.

Team Sydney furthers the well-being of sports organisations and individual participants.

Team Sydney uses its influence and affiliations for the benefit of our community.

When appropriate, Team Sydney serves as a representative for inclusive sport to other organisations and to any level of government.

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Team Sydney member organisations are non-discriminatory and welcome the participation of all sportspeople.  They support inclusion and diversity.  If you are a beginner, a week-end casual participant or a serious athlete, you will likely find a way to play your sport in a welcoming, fun and supportive environment.