The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association is a democratically governed, international association of LGBT sport and human rights organisations from around the world. Modeled after existing multi-sport organisations, GLISA’s members are international sporting federations, human rights organisations, continental associations representing sport teams and clubs from the major regions of the world, host cities of GLISA’s World OutGames, and other organisations that support the mandate of GLISA.

GLISA grow LGBT sport by facilitating partnerships for the successful delivery of World and Continental OutGames; they share expertise and best-practices with and among member organisations around the world to nurture growth and sustainability; and they partner with a broad variety of organisations, both LGBT and mainstream, to build bridges that help to further their activities and visibility while celebrating our culture through sport.

GLISA Africa

GLISA has two formal Continental Associations, Asia Pacific & North America, one in the process of becoming incorporated, Central & South America, and two partners, with a network of members GLISA are partnering with in Europe and Africa.

GLISA Asia Pacific

GLISA Asia Pacific (or GLISA AP) is a membership-based incorporated association for developing and supporting a LGBTI rainbow network for sport, culture and human rights communities in the Asia Pacific region.

GLISA AP is a dynamic and innovative organisation committed to helping to advance the development and well-being of LGBTI people in the Asia Pacific Region.

GLISA Europe

Europe has a strong history of LGBT sport events and will continue that tradition by hosting the worldOutGames in Antwerp in 2013.

GLISA Europe currently has many members and that is expected to increase significantly as the excitement about the worldOutGames continues to build.

GLISA North America

GLISA North America is the Continental Association affiliate with GLISA International.

They are the sponsor of the North America OUTGAMES and partner with Sport Teams and Organisations in Canada and the United States to increase the awareness and development of the LGBT sport and human rights movements.